The 84-forested island of the Ssese Group, float like green jewels on the waters of lake Victoria ,located 55km from Entebbe, these are one of Uganda's greatest natural gifts waiting for you to be discovered.

To all professional Entomologists Ssese Group of islands provides an earthly insect paradise. Guests are required to bring with them bird watching and fishing gears.

The most famous and recommended tours and historical places of interest in Ssese include;

Other islands on Lake Victoria include;


Northwest of Lake Victoria,

Getting there

Boats, ferries and vehicles are available to take you between and around the 84 islands, these are fully equipped with life jackets, sun canopies.

Masaka route: For those tourists who wish to enjoy the country side, travel arrangements can be made by road, from Kampala to Masaka Town (Nyendo, 2:30hrs drive) crossing with the Bukakata/ Luku Ferry to Bugoma (30 mins). One hour drive gets you to Kalangala the home of Islands.

Entebbe route: Nakiwogo to Buggala Island (3hrs boat cruise), departing everyday at 2:00pm.

What to do

While you are in and around Ssese islands,

When to visit

Anytime during the year, except during rainy seasons especially April - May and September - November.

Who to contact:

A list of potential tour operators is availabe for you to choose from. They'll take you to get the best experience ever in your adventurous life.

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