The Kisiizi Falls are located in Kisiizi Parish in Nyarushanje Sub County in Rukungiri District of Western Uganda. The falls drop approximately 30 meters off a cliff at Kisiizi on the Rushoma River that snakes its way to Lake Edward. Kisiizi has both historical and geographical significance.

About the Falls

Kisiizi Falls in Rkunigiri, western Uganda

Historically the falls are known as a tragic place where unmarried pregnant Bakiga girls could be thrown to their deaths. This practice was discontinued and what had been a place of despair became a place of hope and healing as the Church of Uganda established Kisiizi Hospital in 1958.

Geographically, the falls are located in a forested area and gorge famous for bird life including endemic species like the Ross Turaco, Double Toothed barbet and the cinnamon Bee eater. As a tourist area, it is famed for the scenic environment and trekking activities. This area is also active from a social development perspective. The church of Uganda established a hospital, schools and a nursing institution to provide health care and educational opportunities to the surrounding community. The hospital management established a mini hydro power plant and water facility that serves the community of Kisiizi.

The monument at Kisiizi falls overlooking the community

The development of the Kisiizi Falls present strong tourist potential because of the historical, geographical and social significance, the falls are located along the tourist route linking the Virunga ranges famed for the Mountain Gorilla attraction and the Ishasha sector of the queen Elizabeth national park. They add to the attractions and variety for the tourist traffic.

This project is supported by a grant from The UNWTO ST-EP Foundation (Sustainable Tourism - Eliminating Poverty).

One block of accommodation and reception area constructed at Kisiizi falls

Tourist Activities around Kisiizi falls

The location is attractive to nature lovers because of its rich concentration of bird species, site viewing and nature trekking. Visitors can also enjoy canoeing along River Rushoma and a trek to the top the falls.

Visitors canoeing at the river Rushoma, down Kisiizi falls
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