Mount Elgon is a popular destination for nature lovers providing an exclusive domain for backpackers with numerous birding trails. The extinct volcanic mountain is an important watershed supporting a rich variety of vegetation zones ranging from montane forest to high open moorland studded with the other worldly giant lobelia and groundsel plants.
The recent development of the Forest Exploration Center at Kapchorwa allows birders access to extensive montane forest as well as the arid savanna around Moroto.

On the Eastern border with Kenya near Mbale

1,121 sq km

Getting there
3-4 hours from Kampala to Mbale (along Kampala - Jinja Road). The trailhead at Budadiri is only 20km from Mbale and is accessible by public transport.

What to do
Day walks within the Mount Elgon Forest Exploration Centre, mountain climbing and hikes, Bird watching and the breathtaking Sipi Falls is definitely worth a visit.

When to visit
Throughout the year especially during the drier seasons (January - March and June - August).

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