A beautiful compact forest which has been protected as a scientific research site since 1953 and is criss-crossed with an extensive network of paths from which visitors can view the prolific bird life that make this forest their home. The average height and size of trees in Mpanga is very large with impressive trees throughout

Experience the silence of a noisy forest, witness-floating paths of butterflies and enjoy the peace and solitude of a beautiful forest setting just one hours drive from the capital.

The intimate and compact forest valley offers a wide range of experiences close to the visitor reception. The drum making industry is concentrated at Mpambire village near Mpanga, the home of the Royal Drum makers. The five main tree species suitable for this traditional craft are found in the forest and at the visitor reception you can learn about the drum trees, which since time immemorial have been used in Africa for communicating and calling people to festive occasion. Animal Species include Bushbuck, Red tailed monkey, Flying squirrels


The forest occupies an area of 45 sq km.

Getting There

Drive 37 kilometers west along the Masaka road from Kampala,Mpanga forest eco tourism site is on the right five kilometers beyond the Mpigi turn off.

What to do

Hill climbing, Forest walk, Walk trails, Guided visits to Kiganda shrines

When to Visit

Throughout the year

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