Located in Hoima District in Western Uganda in Bugahya and Buhaguzi counties. About half of the forested part of the reserve is dominated by Iron wood (Cynometra alexandri). A third of the area is mixed forest, with the remainder being poor, hill and colonizing forest types. The flora and fauna is diverse and of marked conservation importance. Vegetation can be classified as medium altitude semi-deciduous forest. In terms of the conservation value, of the species in the forest, Bugoma is above average for birds, butterflies and large moths.108 species are classified as restricted-range. Summary of biodiversity and conservation importance of five indicators taxa surveyed are as follows: Trees and Shrubs 257 Birds 221 Small Mammals 21 Butterflies 292 Large Moths 119. Among the animals that can be seen include Buffaloes, Uganda Kobs and at times Elephants.


Covers an area of 401km2.

Getting There

The reserve is accessible through a dirt road 70 km away from Hoima town ship. Hoima is approximately 200km from Kampala. There is also an air strip for light aircraft at Kisaru Tea Estates 12 km from Bugoma Eco Tourism Site.

What to do

Bird watching, Forest walk, Trail Network, Chimpanzee Tracking, Conservation Education (Study Tours), camping, sightseeing

When to Visit

Throughout the year

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