The Ntinda Shopping center is a renowned shopping mall in the biggest suburbs fo Kampala. The Ntinda Shopping center forms a constituent of the Quality supermarket store chain, an ancient store chain in Uganda.

The shopping mall is home to a variety of retail outlets, which includes Computer shop, Banks, Pharmacies, bakery & a coffee shop, Salons, Forex bureau, bookstores, clothes stores, internet providers, video libraries, grocery, and a well-stocked superstore with domestic stuffs.

You can also find the mall having a tinge of night life, with Pur Lui night club bustling with activities at dusk.

How to get there

The most common mode of transport to the mall is the minibus taxis. You can find taxis normally plying from the Old taxi park in the direction of Nakawa - Ntinda and in the direction of Wandegeya – Bukoto- Ntinda.

Opening hours

The mall is opened to the public daily, from 08:00am - 09:00pm.


Ntinda Shopping center
1 Kimera Road, Ntinda
Kampala, Uganda

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