Formerly known as Toro Game Reserve  is located in the Western Rift Valley in Uganda between the Rwenzori Mountains and Lake Albert lies the Semliki Wildlife Reserve. Semliki is a reserve of dramatic contrasts with miles of acacia savannah dotted with borassus palms. The shimmering shores of Lake Albert and the steep green slopes of the foothills of the Rwenzori leading up the escarpment, border the reserve.

 Semliki Valley Wildlife Reserve is home to a variety of wildlife - elephant, buffalo, hyena, bushbuck, waterbuck, reedbuck, duiker, Uganda Kob , forest hog, warthog, many types of monkeys. Included with Semliki National Park over 400 species of birds have been recorded.


Getting There

52 km from Kampala by road through Fort Portal to Bundibugyo Karugutu trading centre.

What to do

Chimpanzee Tracking, Boat Trip, forest Walk, fishing trips

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