Holy City is at the peninsular of Lake Victoria a stone throw away from the fresh waters of the Lake where you can hand-pick fish. It's near the Ngamba Islands a home of Chimpanzees. Surrounded by diverse plant species, various birds and monkeys. Numerous bird spiecies migrate during the winter seasons from Europe to the vicinity of the Holy City the most peaceful and secure part of the world. But importantly Holy City is a holy ground where we hold prayers.

Church Programs

Holy City is open from Tuesday to Sunday.
Thursday - Peace Centre Healing and deliverance, prophetic services with all divine items availed.
Sunday - Thanks giving service.


Holy City is located along Entebbe Road, Branching off from Kawuku Stage at Cabana House. It's a few metres on Bwerenga road.


Tel:  +256 414 581 050
Tel:  +256 700 870 700
Tel:  +256 392 834 104
Tel:  +256 776 870 700
Email: etm@etminternational.org


"I Love my God. I seek my God "

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