This is the largest park and is located in the northwestern part of Uganda, sprawling inland from the shore of Lake Albert around the Victoria Nile. It derives its name from the Murchison Falls water fall, where the mighty River Nile explodes through a narrow gorge and flows down to become a placid river whose banks are patronized by hippos, crocodiles, waterbucks, and buffaloes. The vegetation is mainly savannah, riverine forest and woodland. Wildlife includes; Lions, Leopards, elephants, giraffes, buffaloes, hartebeests, oribis, Uganda kobs, chimpanzees and many bird species including the rare shoebill.


Covering on area of over 3,840 sq kms

Getting There

It is situated approximately 350 kms north west of Kampala.

What to do

Bird viewing, Game viewing, Boat Riding, Forest Walks, Fishing


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