The mosque is the headquarters of the Islamic faith in Uganda and also doubles as the headquarters of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council the organization which takes care of all Islamic affairs in Uganda. It’s a two storied building and the mosque is on the upper floor while the offices are on the ground floor. Constructing of the mosque started in 1972 after the formation of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council by the Government of Uganda.
It was then called the Old Kampala National Mosque. Construction came to a standstill in 1976 and it wasn’t until 2001 when the Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, approached the President of the state of Libya Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, asking him for assistance to complete the construction of the Mosque which Gaddafi did. (A mufti is the head of the Muslim community. According to the Islamic dictionary, he is described as a person who presents laws of the scholars to people who ask for them.
The word Mufti is derived from the word “fatwa” or opinion and it means ‘one who gives fatwas/opinions’.)

Gaddafi National Mosque, Old Kampala Hill,Kamapala







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