Semuliki National Park and the beautiful Semuliki wildlife reserve lie on the southern shores of Lake Albert and offers a mosaic of different habitats with some excellent birding opportunities.

The Toro-Semuliki Wildlife Reserve (formerly called the Toro Game Reserve) is subtly different and shows affinities with the northern savanna woodland with over 400 bird species and a captivating landscape.

Toro-Semuliki Wildlife Reserve

No visitor to the reserve should miss a boat trip on Lake Albert for nowhere else in Uganda do you stand a better chance of seeing the mighty shoebill.

In the far west, 50km from Fort Portal

221 sq km
Getting there

From Fort Portal, along the northern tip of the Rwenzoris.
What to do

Nature Guided walks through a variety of wildlife and forest, Sempaya Hotsprings trail, scenery viewing and Bird watching.
When to visit

Any time during the year.

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