Fort Portal

Fort Portal in western Uganda is in the seat of both kabarole district and toro kingdom and is named for Sir Gerald Portal, a British Special Commissioner for Uganda, whose statue graces the main road of the town. Situated between the Rwenzori Mountains, Kibale National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park, it is a significant market town.


The coordinates of the town are: 0° 39' 36" North, 30° 16' 30" East

 (Latitude: 0.6600; Longitude: 30.2750).


A population estimate of approximately 47,100 according to UBOS in 2011.  

Getting there

298 Km - Distance from kampala Region to Fort Portal by road.

261 Km - Flight distance between kampala Region and Fort Portal

What to do

View of rock paintings, landscape sceneries, several crater lakes and the Semiliki valleys near the municipality.

When to visit

Any time during the year.

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