Eucalyptus takes over 10 years to mature. Over the last 20 years or so, hybrid Eucalyptusclones have become increasingly important in commercial plantation forestry. Millions of hectares have been planted in tropical and subtropical countries where hybrid Eucalyptus clones form the basis of both large and small scale, commercial planting programmes. South Africa, Brazil, China, DRC, India and many South American countries are just some of the countries with major plantation industries based to a large extent on hybrid Eucalyptus clones.   

Around 2002, a collaborative Eucalyptus clonal research programme was initiated in Uganda between the National Forest Research Institute (NaFORRI), the UK’s Gatsby Charitable Foundation and Mondi South Africa. This research is now bearing fruit with some of these hybrid eucalypts available commercially to growers in Uganda since 2008. The SPGS – in collaboration with Uganda Gatsby Trust (UGT) is now promoting the planting of these hybrids on a limited scale

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