Water Rafting
Water Rafting
Water Rafting

Thinking adventure? Believe rafting! You have no idea how much fun you will experience when you come for one of the wildest marine activity right here in the Pearl of Africa. For adventurers, without at least a one day white water rafting trip, no safari to Uganda would be complete. Right at the source of the Nile (the longest river in the world) you’ll truly experience and conquer these wild waters whilst bouncing on and off the untamed river.

Where to do it from:
Travellers coming for safaris in Uganda can also enjoy White water rafting at Itanda falls in Jinja, the rafting base on the banks ofRiver Nile in Eastern Uganda.

When to do it:
Rafting can be done every day throughout the year, though dry seasons between January - April and July – October are the most favorable.

Who to contact:
A list of potential tour operators is availabe for you to choose from. They'll take you to get the best experience ever in your adventurous life.

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