Mountain Climbing
Mountain Climbing
Mountain Climbing

Besides lying on the equator, Uganda fascinates so many climbers in the whole world, because of the snowcapped high ranges of the Rwenzori and Muhabura in the west, alongside the wonderful experience in rugged rocks of Mt. Elgon and Mt. Moroto in the East.

While climbing the Rwenzori mountain ranges, expect to see the green tropical rainforests under the equator submerge into the sky as heath forests, while alpine plants like lobelia and everlasting flower appear – a lifetime experience for adventurers with no acrophobia.

Both Mt. Elgon and Mt. Rwenzori are popular destinations for nature lovers providing an exclusive fascination for backpackers trailing the numerous bird species and the rich variety of vegetation zones and wildlife.

Where to do it from:

Rwenzori Mountain ranges, Mt. Elgon, Mt. Muhabura, Mt. Moroto and several other hills across the country including Kagulu Hill in Eastern Uganda.

When to do it:

Dry seasons are advisable from late December – March and July – September.

Who to contact:

A list of potential tour operators is available for you to choose from. They'll take you to get the best experience ever in your adventurous life.

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