Uganda experiences a temperate climate even though the majority of the country is within the Tropics with temperatures between 16 - 26'C for the majority of the year(April - November). However, during the warmer months (December - March) temperatures reach in excess of 30'C.

In general, the climate of Uganda is mainly influenced by: the dry N.E. and Northerly air masses which cause the dry weather in much of the north the dry South Easterlies which becomes moist after blowing over Lake Victoria thus causing the wet conditions in much of the south. The presence of Lake Victoria which supplies moisture that make the south moist. Were it not for Lake Victoria, Uganda would be a drier country due to continentality. Note that in detail, just like in any other region, the micro-climatic experiences of Uganda are more than as just simply described above due to microconditions that vary from place tho place. for instance, temperatures on mt Elgon at the eastern border with Kenya, and on the Ruwenzori mountains on the west, may fall up to sub zero while the northern arid and semi arid ares may occassionally be as warm as 40oC. Yet rainfall experiences may also vary beyond the indicated extremes.

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