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    Each day that goes by, doing a safari in Uganda becomes much easier, flexibility exists in use of private or public transport. The improving transport network and extended communication facilities to upcountry regions is admirable. There has been an improvement in the telephone networks in upcountry regions as well as a variety of road improvements have been into effect.

    There are several ways to get around in Uganda, and the option you choose will depend upon your time constraints as well as your budget thereby, making travel around Uganda a truly elegant adventure. Travelling by road is the most accessible and probably the cheapest way to travel and public transport connects all major locations, and ventures far off the beaten track. All major routes to the country have their spine in Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

    Buses, Commuter Taxis, Special hire taxis, VIP vans and several touring trucks operated by Individual tour operators are all available for the visitors to use and reach to their destinations. The buses are found in designated bus parks while the same applies to commuter taxis and the most comfortable vans and land cruisers can be provided by the individual tour operators. Motorcycles (Boda Bodas), as they are locally known can always be used for short distances, at the minimum speed possible and they are readily available anywhere in the city centre as well as the city suburbs. Please note that these boda bodas are fun to ride although caution should be taken and if you can, always wear a helmet which riding on one.

    Please note that there's no guarantee of safety on using any of the above public means and it is heavily recommended that you find the right operator or guide to assist you in traveling around the country and with much ease.

    Costs for utilizing any of the above means of travel varies from time to time and very often your bargaining power can play a big role in ensuring you get a fair price.

    Driving in Uganda

    Driving in Uganda requires a driving license and wherever you are coming from, you would need an international driver’s license. For driving around the city, please beware of one way streets as most streets in Kampala as something that was adopted to reduce of the level of traffic jam. We keep left here in Uganda.

    Travelling on water

    There is a regular inland ferry connecting Nakiwogo in Entebbe and the Ssese islands on Lake Victoria and one between Bukakata pier near Masaka town and Ssese islands on Kake Victoria. These islands are one of the most visited places in the country by both local and international visitors majorly for relaxation. The ferry from Nakiwogo leaves at around 1:30pm and leaves Ssese islands at 8:00am arriving at Nakiwogo at around 11:00am. Usually this journey takes about 3 hours on water.



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