Game viewing and drives

  • Uganda has 11 national parks and various large and small game reserves. The endowment of natural resources, largely covered by large vegetation and huge expanses of tropical forests that are rich in flora and fauna has made the country a home to unique physical landscapes, lakes and rivers. All these physical attributes provide a habitat for the diverse wildlife that forms a bedrock of Uganda's tourism industry.

  • Wildlife and nature A splendid view of wildlife. Your trip shall involve such views to enjoy in all national parks and game reserves.

    Uganda boasts of over 330 mammal species, of which 0 are critically endangered, 7 are endangered, 21 are vulnerable, and 17 are near-threatened. The wealth of invertebrate life of more than 100,000 species have been identified countrywide and an astonishing 1,200 butterfly species, including almost 50 endemics, have been recorded.

    Here, both animals and nature are in complete harmony with each other. A wide range of wildlife exists in the national parks and game reserves, providing one of the distinctive tour destinations on the continent. Parks like Kidepo valley and Queen Elizabeth are easily accessible yet not crowded, offering a wonderful game drive and wildlife experience.

    These parks offer safe and excellent safari opportunities since all national parks and game reserves, wildlife animals, and all visits to the parks are monitored and carefully protected by the Uganda Wildlife Authority with its team of rangers.

    Several transport means can be used within the parks. This is dependant on the travel agent organizing your trip. However, there a few airfields in some large parks like Kidepo with small passengers planes that ease mobility within the park. Accommodation is available both within and nearby.

    Where can I enjoy game viewing from?

  • Kidepo valley

    Queen Elizabeth

    Murchison falls

    Lake Mburo

    Bwindi Impenetrable

    Semliki National park

    Mt. Elgon

    Mt. Rwenzori

    Kibale National park

    Katonga wildlife reservation

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  • The parks are open all year round. Book your flight or other means of transport and accommodation accordingly. You may also need to inquire on the climate seasons to visit these parks when appropriate.
  • You can camp in some of these places or stay in a hotel, camp ground or lodges so you can head out early in the morning.
  • Seek advice from the guides about the dangerous places or wear extra garments to protect yourself from poisonous insects or Tsetse flies.
  • See the video to for more.

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